Jodhpur – The Unplanned!

I happen to be a team member in a small group which is interested in
development of UAV’s and Drone. My prior experience in designing and executing
system level systems put in a team-leader kind of position in this group.

Not disclosing the business side of things, we had to present our capability
and proposal to an organization in Jodhpur on 4th of November

Due to some oversight and mis-communication, the team realized (not me) that
the presentation was on 4th November only on 1st November, so the team went
into a panic mode and i was literally air-lifted take care of this presentation
from the technical size and the more experienced person would take care of the
business side of things.

Tickets to Namma Bengaluru-Jodhpur-Namma Bengaluru was booked and I was to
be back to my usual work on 6th Nov. Presentation was prepared and finalized on
2nd November, loaded and ready on our laptops!


3rd Busiest Airport in India! what do you expect?

Had to catch a 6E 201 from Namma Bengaluru Airport at 9:30A , at the boarding gate, i was shocked to see the A320 flight full! Literally full!

A 3+3 configuration with 30 rows makes it 180 people + crew + pilot buddies!

I was wondering if the whole of 178 people traveling was from the same family from SP Road!

Airside at Namma Bengaluru Airport

I knew at back of my head that Jodhpur airport was not a civilian airport but an Airforce Base and housed the mighty Sukhoi 30-MKIs, India’s Air Superiority Fighter!

First sight after touchdown was those of beautiful ALH Dhruv in the Sarang Livery!! More aircrafts like the good old retired MiG 27, a couple of Mi-17’s and ALH Dhruv’s weaponized version were spotted while taxing to the civilian airport area –

Iwas already in love with Jodhpur! it was an military aviation enthusiasts dream come true! – and yea no photos taken in the interest of National Security!

Wikipedia Says that the new Rafael’s are to be stationed here when they start delivering them soon! I hope this business deal goes by and i frequent this airport often!

So took an auto out of the airport to our hotel, checked in and eased out for a while before starting to fix the presentation to my standards!

4th of November, the presentations went on well and I decided to make a quick dash to the most visited place in Jodhpur – Mehrangarh fort!

More details, I would recommend wiki to save my time and typos!

Massive wall, just unbelievable architecture and a grand display of Rajaputan artistry! I’ll let the pictures do the speaking.

Finished up with some good dinner, Curd Rice in Rajaputana Land, headed back home on the 5th Morning Flight to Namma – Bengaluru and took a train back to Chennai for the ususal routine!

Where do you get the best Pyaj Kachori, Mirchi Bajji and Samosa in town?
Take a Auto or Tuk Tuk to – Surya Namkeen
Traditional Marwara type wall paintint, all the characters are of side view!
Could have snapseed-ed it to looks fancy but left it how it looked in my mobile camera

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