Drop Weight or Drop Dead

Yes, those where the words which haunted me when i tried run for a distance.

It was high time that i took care of my body as my weight had crossed 100kg (103kg) to be precise!

Quantified Nutrition, Weight Training, running and swimming on alternate days has put me on track a bit.

Fitness as said is not an timely affair but a lifestyle which i am trying to adapt!

I’ve set a target to get those6 packs by 29th September!

Yes the best gift i can give my self, for turning 29 on 29!

As i write, i weigh a 88kg from a whopping 103kg,

Can do a 5k in 33 minutes and swim for 1500m in 1 hour

Coming June, i have a Triathalon to compete in


Hit me up if you are planning to participate too!

Untill the next post, eat healthy be healthy!


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