Are you Available on Saturday?

Working on Saturday!

Yes, my buddy Harsha ( not on facebook nor Instagram) landed up at his house in ISRO layout, Namma Bengaluru and surprised his parents who were in deep sleep that day!

While I was away in Jodhpur, I get a message “ Mr. Bangalore is in Bangalore” and I was surprised too!!

Why is he called Bangalore? well,his second name has Bangalore in it, and am not sure if he wants to change it to Bengaluru 🙂

He was here to get his H1B Visa stamping and was planning to come to Consulate of USA in Chennai, as I work here in Chennai city thought I will stay back over the weekend, meet him and give company!

His plans were to come on Saturday night, stay the night and finish the 2 days process and we meet on Sunday post his appointment

So, weekend in Chennai, what else to do?

My Company director asked if I was available on Saturday to meet our company’s IP Lawyers for filing some trademarks and get clarification regarding the patents we had filed.

How else can I kill time? I said yes and we fixed up appointment! So Technically its a Workday!

Post the discussion, I realized that I had already run out of Mobile data ( don’t know how ) so I landed up in office and started to use the Air Conditioner, Power and Philter Kaapi from our vending machine along with free Internet, typing and finishing up this blog post! 😊

Cheers and Happy Weekend!

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