About Me

I’ve had my website since 2013 and it looked like a portfolio or a resume-on-web kind of a page and it looked boring! so I changed it to a blog so that I can share a tiny bit of what goes in my life!

Ping me to hear from my mouth instead of reading this long Post!

Handphone : nine nine 162 five 6455

email : email {at} vivekcs.com

The Family!

Survived by a dad who is chillng out, gardening and watching TV in his retirement time, mom who fixes all the stuff at home and finds all my lost items in a jiffy and and a younger brother, geek-ing at one top notch university in our neighbouring state.

All cats are pets! Have a bunch of cats who visit our house for their everyday cuppa and chow

Marriage? wait what?

And what did I study?

Bachelor’s Degree certificate tells me that i am Mechanical engineer, Master’s Degree certificate tells me am an Energy Engineer, Heart says Aerospace Engineer! By chance enrolled to do my Master’s in Business Administration aka MBA from a University in Mysuru, but it wont end here,

i Plan to take up my PhD in Fluid or Material Physics once I am done with my MBA, life is an un-ending journey of learning you see….

What give me the salary?

Currently setting up a new ventrue by a bunch of engineers in HSR Layout, Bengaluru.

Before this i worked for a private product based start-up in Chennai, churning out some classing looking products like one i have shown below!

Some Lame Stuff i used to do at work before!

other interests?

Right after University, I took up research in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or now called as Drone, with special interest in Low Reynolds Number flow systems like 300mm and below systems.

The research group I was working with had researchers in the areas of on Nano-technology, food production technology and surface chemistry. As an Engineer, I helped these researchers when then had some sort of problem when translating the outcome of the research to actual products or make it market ready.

My Publication is the official course text for UAV Fundamentals as per Karnataka Knowledge Commission!

With this exposure, I had an opportunity to work with some cutting edge technologies and machines like SEM, P-XRD, GC, HPLC, UV-VIS Spectrometers, Electrochemical Analysers, BET Surface Area Analysers and a host of Analytical instruments which is used in chemistry apart from low speed wind tunnels, CNC machines and 3D Printers !

What I do in my free time?

Usually laze around in the house browsing, reading some science stuff or listening to the age old playlist on my phone!

Aero-modelling, Amateur radio occupies my hobby time, generally I would be sanding block of balsa wood or cutting pieces of foam to make a model plane fly or tweaking some radio circuits and some antenna to establish contact with aliens!

When the pockets are full and i’ve been worn out with lot of sanding and tweaking, i tend to hit the deep sea – yea! Scuba Diving!

PADI certified Advanced Scuba Diver! and can go up-to 30m below water to find some peace! already have some 50+ dives, most of it done in one of the best places to dive in the world – Raja Ampat!

I consider world to be a small place and I am on a mission to make sure that it remains small, by visiting them all!

As of now i’ve visited 26 countries and the most craziest of them is North Korea! I plan to visit a few more, and the current target is to travel to all of south east Asian countries by 2020.

Unfortunately, the Novel Corona Virus , COVID-19 has screwed up travel plans for atleast half of 2020

@ Mansu Hill Memorial in Pyongyang

But Still, i’ll be flying out to Singapore and then to Malaysia to catch up with Vishwas and Maria sometime in early May and head out to dive at Labuan Islands near Malaysian Borneo