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Are you Available on Saturday?

Working on Saturday! Yes, my buddy Harsha ( not on facebook nor Instagram) landed up at his house in ISRO layout, Namma Bengaluru and surprised his parents who were in deep sleep that day! While I was away in Jodhpur, I get […]

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Jodhpur – The Unplanned!

I happen to be a team member in a small group which is interested indevelopment of UAV’s and Drone. My prior experience in designing and executingsystem level systems put in a team-leader kind of position in this group. Not disclosing the business […]

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Survived Raja Ampat!

Yes, i some-how survived a 10 day long liveaboard on Scuba Republic’s Epica, Diving at what is suppose to be the best place in the world to dive! considering the marine biodiversity More about Raja Ampat, Singapore and losing my Mobile Phone […]

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SK comes home – Eat out Day

Vishwas aka SK lands up in Namma Bengaluru on 17th August, One pakka desi local boy who studied and works in Singapore. So, he’s in town and what else is bound to happen? the Binge Begin! Day 1 : CTR Started off […]

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Rayar’s Mess – Mylapore

Ever since my office moved from Kilpauk to Mylapore, I’ve been having a myriad of issues! of them, Food is the biggest one! I used to leave my house at ~ 9:15 AM to reach the office by ~ 9:30 AM in […]

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Hello world!

What was you first computer program? Am sure it was printing or out-putting these 2 words – “Hello, World!” What was you first computer program? I am sure it was printing or out-putting these 2 words – “Hello, World!” I am re-doing […]

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